Jesus Had Worth

Hello all! I have important news for you!! I am very passionate about everyone knowing their own self worth, and that you know that YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU COULD IMAGINE! God doesn’t make mistakes, and He knew that when He made you. I know that it makes me upset when I hear other people tell me: “I’m not strong enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I hate that my body isn’t right”, “I am not talented.” If it makes me upset, how in the world does is make God feel? He made everyone EXACTLY how they should be!

In college, I am in this computer class and my instructor always says to our class, “Clicking is a skill.” The first time I heard it I laughed, but it eventually got me thinking. We look at ourselves and think we should be capable of doing things that professionals do everyday. When we can’t accomplish them, we see ourselves as failures. We tend to forget that the little things are still accomplishments, and most always have the biggest impact.

God put us here to do GREAT things, not necessarily BIG things.

We are all so important. Learning how to love yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Think about it, you are the harshest person on yourself, if you open yourself up and let yourself love you, your capacity to love goes beyond what you could imagine!

Your worth is not defined by what you look like.
Your worth is not defined by what grade you get.
Your worth is not defined by what club you’re in, what friends you have, what brand you wear, or whatever people say about you!

Jesus had worth. He was given an earthly, humanly, greed-bound worth. Jesus was worth 30 pieces of silver. The King of Kings and Lord of Lord was worth 30 pieces of silver.


Jesus was bought with 30 pieces of silver, but WE were bought by His passionate love! By the passion of His cross!

This is so important, because we try to sell our minds to believe in the things of this world, when the price has already been paid! All we need to know is God made us with all His love, with all His likeness, and all in His image! When you look at yourself, YOU SEE A PIECE OF HEAVEN! You are a treasure, and God is seeking you so vastly!! You are not bound to the things of this world, you are ONLY bound to the love of Jesus Christ.

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