We are all one body…

Today was a peculiar day. It’s funny how life goes sometimes. When I woke up this morning I didn’t expect to be crying at 11:00am in my American Literature class among my fellow peers. Our assignment was to bring in a song that meant something to us and to discuss it. When I presented my song there was no issue. No issue until Brian (whose name has been changed) presented that is. I don’t say issue as in a problem for myself but as a problem widely overlooked, the issue being bullying.

Patrick presented the video & the images that it played unfolded in my mind like a merry-go-round spinning at a rapid speed. A blast from the past was shot into my brain. Each scene in the video brought about the suppressed emotions of my grade school years. The video stopped and I sat there shaken up by what I witnessed and soaked it all in. Everyone was silent. The teacher quietly asked if we had anything to add. Immediately my hand shot up, as I felt so impacted by the topic I had to say something. I, however, did not expect my my lips to quiver and eyes to water as I began to speak. I spoke about my past and offered an insight to how bullying affected me in my life & still does.

I was surprised by the response of my classmates afterwards. A lot of people could relate! I wasn’t alone in this, like I often felt. A girl I previously viewed as young and had no clue about the world was comforting me with a pat on the back! I was astounded. After class, she proceeded to open up about her family life. She said she puts up a front at school & goes home & it’s a different story with her parents divorcing.

The lesson I got out of this is God is showing us that we truly are one body. We all go through struggles and we are not alone. He won’t forsake us. He continuously shows me that. It was proven to me today by how many of us were in pain and felt the need to share. Through my vulnerability I saw that people were more willing to share their story and through Christ’s vulnerability on the cross He gave us a way to get through life in Him.

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