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  • Urgent Message For All

    Urgent Message For All

    I write you with the utmost of urgency. Yesterday a friend sent me a message on Facebook and all the message said was, “Watch God is Not Dead.” I have thought about watching it a few times, but I happen to be a big movie critic and Christian movies tend to have a cheesiness that […]

  • 200 Hugs a Day

    200 Hugs a Day

    So last friday I arrived at my new apartment. I was greeted by Dulce, the contact person I have been talking to this whole time. She works with Catholic Mission Trips (CMT – the organization that I worked with this past summer). She is an extremely kind woman who lives in the states with her […]

  • Mangoes on the Mission Field

    Mangoes on the Mission Field

    Sorry for not blogging in a while, but I have been keeping very busy, in both good ways and bad. So I took a little trip to the Emergency Room two Thursdays ago. I love mangoes, but apparently the feeling is not mutual. I had an allergic reaction. Fortunately, the hospital is only a 5 […]

  • Two Bananas and a Newspaper

    Two Bananas and a Newspaper

    Big exciting things have happened the past few days. Wednesday, Marion (a German girl who seems to have traveled all over the world), Brandon and Kelvin (two guys from Washington D.C.) and I went to Boca Chica, a beautiful beach about a 30 minute ride away from Santo Domingo, in the car that Brandon and […]

  • All The Sounds

    All The Sounds

    Hispanic families love the airport. I came out of the terminal and there were hundreds of people lined up on either side of the gate, waiting for their loved ones to get off the plane. I would have felt like a rock star … but none of them were there for me. So I just […]

  • The One With the One-Way Ticket

    The One With the One-Way Ticket

    What am I doing? This seems to be the question. The question everyone keeps asking me, including myself. The short answer is, I am leaving for the Dominican Republic on February 1st. Which, if you are reading this today, happens to be tomorrow. The first month I am there I will be living with a […]