Work as if everything depended on God (Part II)

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, that might be a good place start.

This side of things is a little bit harder to expand upon. How do I work as if everything depends on God? After all, everything I do is a result of my own actions, right? When I get down to the meat and potatoes of it, nothing I do could be accomplished if it wasn’t for God. He’s the one who gave me life. As humans we are a working race. We work for the things we have and we work to transform things from nothing into something beautiful. However, our work here means nothing if it does not serve God in some way. To me, working as if everything depended on God tells me that I need to work my hardest, but still leave room for God to take my works and let Him use them for His own purpose. It tells me that I need to trust in God to take over when I have done all I can, and most of all, to not stress about the things I cannot change.

I’ll be honest, writing this was a challenge. I must have written and rewritten this about 6-7 times so far. Maybe I was too wrapped up in myself to allow the Holy Spirit to work through me. Maybe I was too distracted and unfocused. I was once told that it doesn’t matter what you’re capable or incapable of, God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. I am not a writer, but I feel this urge to write, and when you let go of yourself, and all of your fears, doubts and insecurities, I’ve found that God will give you everything you need to be able to do His will.

One of my favorite Latin phrases is, Deus vult and it means, “God wills it”. It was used during the first crusade to rally people to the cause, but today it still has validity. You may have heard (possibly several times) that God has a special purpose for you. God wills it. His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. His will is to take me, some socially awkward kid, and put me in front of people to talk to them about Him. Oh trust me, I argued and fought it for a long time. I stutter, I slur words sometimes, and other times my words get mixed up and nothing makes any sense. “You really want ME to tell people about You? You would have better luck making a toad sing a jazz tune!” Well I was wrong, and ever since, I’ve gotten over my fear of public speaking and playing music publicly and i’m slowly getting over people reading my writings. It’s amazing what you can do when you work for God, and when everything you do depends on Him.

Deus Vult

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Deus Vult (God wills it)

The very first time I saw this phrase, I absolutely loved it. Then I found out what it meant! These two words have so much power behind them. When Pope Urban II declared the first crusade, the people cried out, “Deus vult! “. Today, however, there are no bloody crusades (authorized by the Church) for us to rally behind. The crusades were supposed to be about taking back what was forcefully taken from the Christians. It may have been twisted and changed over time to make the Catholic Church look like a war monger, but the original intent was to take back the holy land. Like I said, there are no bloody wars for us to get behind. However, there is still a war. A war to spread peace and to push back the evil that has forcibly taken ahold of this world. Deus vult! In a way, this is the new crusade – to bring back peace and love to this world – not through bloodshed and fear, but by spreading the love of God. All it takes for evil to win, is for good to do nothing. Will we idly sit by, or will we choose to stand up for what is right?

“Deus Vult”

Do you feel like God is putting something on your heart to write about? Click here to become a guest blogger on our page!