What? I’m a Blogger now?!

I’ll be honest right off the bat – I’ve never considered myself to be a writer. Getting thoughts down on paper, or in this case, onto a word document, has always been difficult for me. My mind runs a million miles a second and my thought processes usually don’t make much sense. In conversation, I jump from one topic, to another, then back to the first, then start a whole new one. It makes sense to me, but usually not to anyone else. I see this as very therapeutic and also as a way to help myself become better at forming coherent thoughts.

My hopes for these blog posts are to not only help myself, but also help those who read them. I hope that God will inspire me and guide me throughout all of my posts and that I write things that really speak to people. It’ll be an adventure for sure, and I love adventures so I’m excited to see where God takes me!

One of my favorite quotes from Doctor Who is, (paraphrased) “I haven’t always taken you where you wanted to go, but I’ve always taken you where you needed to go”. I feel that is exactly what God has done in my life. I’ll always end up where I need to be.

“Deus Vult”

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