Deus Vult (God wills it)

The very first time I saw this phrase, I absolutely loved it. Then I found out what it meant! These two words have so much power behind them. When Pope Urban II declared the first crusade, the people cried out, “Deus vult! “. Today, however, there are no bloody crusades (authorized by the Church) for us to rally behind. The crusades were supposed to be about taking back what was forcefully taken from the Christians. It may have been twisted and changed over time to make the Catholic Church look like a war monger, but the original intent was to take back the holy land. Like I said, there are no bloody wars for us to get behind. However, there is still a war. A war to spread peace and to push back the evil that has forcibly taken ahold of this world. Deus vult! In a way, this is the new crusade – to bring back peace and love to this world – not through bloodshed and fear, but by spreading the love of God. All it takes for evil to win, is for good to do nothing. Will we idly sit by, or will we choose to stand up for what is right?

“Deus Vult”

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