Guatemala Summer 2013

The day I got home from my first mission trip to Guatemala in December of 2012, I was on the computer looking for a way to go back. I found Adventures in Missions and I would be leaving the day after my high school graduation to go back to the country I had fallen in love with. But this time I would be there for 2 months with 20 other college age students whom had never met before. It was guaranteed to be an adventure. It most certainly was. Those two months tested me in just about every way, from the most extreme heat and humidity I had ever experienced, to the battle every day with my own faith and the faith of everyone around me. This trip pushed me to be real. Be real in my faith, be real in my relationships and to be the real person that God created me to be. It was hard but it was also one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life.

The people who were there through it all. My brothers and sisters.

Here is a video a made way back in the day when I went on the trip.

Some Picture!

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