Band Beginnings

Well, this story goes back to March of 2011 and begins with a request to have live music for a middle school event at St. Michael’s. Great! Just one catch…I didn’t have a band!

At the time I was the assistant to the youth minister for St. Michael’s Life Teen program and was also helping with music. I had a good friend, Shane, that I had known for years and could always count on her beautiful harmonies. I had also just met David that February when he joined as the bassist for the Life Teen Mass. Two down…but I was still missing a crucial piece – drums! I always enjoyed letting the teens have fun on the instruments any chance I could get, so I asked one who was a decent drummer if he’d like to help out. Unfortunately, he was unavailable the day of the event. My only option was a former teen and new member to the youth ministry team whom I had just met in January. I should point out that he had…never…played…on a real drumset before. I was left with no other choice so I decided to give Evan a chance – and I am so glad that I did, as this would turn into the most incredible friendship!

The four of us pretty much had wide open schedules during this time and started practicing together at every available moment, which was good because we only had a month to prepare! Now, Shane was married and had a husband and daughter to get home to, but this didn’t stop David, Evan and I from continuing to play and hang out. The three of us were able to build quite a bond within a short period of time, and eventually David and I often found ourselves as the last two still hanging out. We were quickly learning that we weren’t ready to leave the other’s company just yet and that this would be the beginning of our own story…but I digress.

After all the time and practice we put in the middle school event was a success, and all things considered, we weren’t half bad! We eventually started playing as a group more and more and we added Caroline as guitar and bass player. We were really starting to find our groove and were continuously challenging ourselves and having fun with it. We all had this deep connection that went beyond bandmates – we were family. It wasn’t long before David and I began dating, and the following summer we were married! Jump forward another year and another bassist, Stephen, was able to help us out since Caroline was studying to become a nurse and her schedule was getting more and more demanding. This did not change our family-like connection one bit and we continued to grow even closer as a band. Vanessa began singing with us too and played the saxophone from time to time. We were starting to make a name for ourselves and were asked to play for different events and retreats outside of St. Michael’s as well, including an invitation to lead worship for the Traveler’s Mass at the Steubenville Atlanta Youth Conference in July 2014, with over 2,000 people in attendance! Not even a month later, David and I moved to North Dakota for a job promotion I accepted. Our move was temporary and only lasted for six months before we moved back to Georgia so I could take a job as the Youth & Campus Minister at St. Luke’s & the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega.

Our time away, as brief as it was, allowed others the opportunity to grow and share the gifts they’ve been given. Caroline, now a full-time nurse, stepped into a leadership role with the band and was instrumental (ha!) with the whole transition of our moving. David’s brother, Tony, also joined as another drummer. This gave Evan the chance to play a bigger part within the Mobile Mission – especially now as our Operations Manager. He’s still a part of the band and is also the driving force behind Mobile Mission Productions. He is a crucial part of our day to day, not to mention, he’s also one of our bus drivers!

So these are our humble beginnings and how the Mobile Mission Band came to be. While members may change and rotate around from time to time, our foundation is solid. We are all here with the same mission for this ministry: to love and serve God while leading others towards Him!