The Eucharist from 35,000 Feet

Even at 35,000 feet, it’s amazing when God can reach you on a plane full of people in the most unusual place. Do you know how much faith it takes for someone to fly? You have to trust the pilot that they know what they are doing and are able to handle any problem. You have to trust the mechanics that they didn’t take a shortcut on the inspection and that the plane is safe to fly. You have to trust the air traffic controllers that they will keep an eye out for you and the other planes. The list goes on and on. The amount of faith it takes to trust all these people to keep that giant scrap of metal in the air against the law of gravity is huge. How come we can trust all these people but at times we find it so hard to trust God? It seems like, as humans, we are always trying to control every aspect of life. Need to get to some place farther than you wanna walk? Invent the car. Need to get to the other side of the world? Invent a plane. Wanna see the moon? Strap a few rockets to a tin can and launch it. For every “problem” we have we always turn to a material way to solve it, whether it be money, power, technology, etc; but what happens when you can’t solve your problems with these items? In a world of instant gratification we are losing what it means for things to be a sacrifice and as such we lose the special graces that come with sacrifices. Take Mass for example, how many excuses do we come up with for not going or showing up late? My brothers and sisters, do we not understand what we have presented to us at every Mass? The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our God. Why is it we have no problem praying in times of need and asking God to take away all of our problems and sufferings but when things are going well or when we’re busy it tends to be the last thought in our minds? I am just as guilty as anyone but this isn’t about guilt, it’s about how much God longs for us. The Eucharist is our spiritual food that nourishes us and strengthens us against evil. I love being a Eucharistic minister because I get to bring this Eucharist, brought to us by Christ’s priests, to everyone who receives. It saddens me when people approach the Eucharist and looks away or look ashamed because the Eucharist is not presented to make us guilty or bring us shame. My brothers and sisters, it brings us LIFE, MERCY and FORGIVENESS! In the sacrifice of the Mass, the same sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross at Calvary to forgive sins and reconcile us with God, is made present through time in the presentation of the Eucharist. Come to the table and eat the Bread of Life! If you feel unworthy then congrats, you are in good company, but don’t let that stop you – God didn’t let it. He wants to be with you and wants to know you. Brothers and sisters, go to confession and get rid of those chains that bind you to this world. Experience the forgiveness that God is longing to give you and the freedom that comes from it. No sin is too great, no sin is too powerful. Let us not view the Sacraments as a burden or something to make us feel bad, but as life-bringing and beautiful.

My brothers and sisters, let’s change the world. Let’s be on fire for our faith with a belief and understanding that nothing is greater than our God and no sin is too big. Let’s stop being lukewarm Christians and change the world by our examples and not just our words. Let’s have a look of excitement and joy when we go to Mass instead of grim and uncaring. Let us not only speak to God but listen and have a conversation, for you will never know when He is trying to reach you. Lastly, let us go to Mass and offer it for our brothers and sisters who are being prosecuted for their faith and who are unable to attend Mass. Let our prayers be the strength for them to know that they are not alone. Whether you belong to the Catholic Church or not we are all the Body of Christ and as such each person has value, has worth and is made in the image of God.

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