Rooted…but what is this feeling?

You’re at a football game, it’s the 4th quarter and your team is down. All you need is one field goal to win it…you feel the excitement, the head pounding terror that is taking over because this is it. Or maybe you’re at the concert for your favorite band and about to hear them live for the first time. What do these have in common with each other? They are all full of excitement, have a large groups of people gathered at the same place for the same reason, some of your friends are probably there – and yet, they both are only…temporary. What does this mean? Sure, the memory is there and the pictures, but what about the feeling, the joy, the sheer awesomeness of it? Now think about a retreat you’ve been on, can you recall that feeling you felt, that so-called retreat high? How come during the retreat we feel so close to God and so humble and know what and who we are and yet, when we go home we forget and we lose what we had? How come we never want to leave that place and go back to reality and why can’t we just stay there? Well, let me answer this the way I was told: First off, we as God’s people are not taught nor told to stay still, we are told to go out and pray and spread the Good News to everyone. We are all guilty of it at times and would rather stay at these retreats with our friends. What would we get from this though, and ultimately what would God get from it? Nothing. It is our own fear of the world and being caught up in it that we are afraid to leave. Think of the Transfiguration of Christ. The Disciples all wanted to stay on the mountain for as long as they could and continue feeling the sheer amazement of the moment, and yet what did Jesus tell them to do? Go down the mountain, do not say a word until the Son of Man has risen. Well in case you didn’t know…HE HAS!!!! This means it’s time to come down the mountain, to come down from those feelings of being scared about the “real” world and start spreading those words and feelings God spoke to you. For those of you who have been on retreats, what has God spoken to you during those times? What did He lay on your heart? Was it just for you or is He calling you to go forth and speak of His glory and grace? So many times we say yes but are too scared to do it, myself included. I challenge you to ask yourself what the word ‘rooted’ means. Is your faith rooted? Why not try and make it. Start slow, say a prayer when you get up or before you go to sleep. Or do what I do and put an alarm on your phone to remind you every day. For everyone reading this, you are all special and have a calling in your life. I am here for you if you ever need to talk. I’ve learned that it’s nice to get your thoughts out. You never know who is thinking the same way or if it’s something someone else needs to hear. It’s like miracles, they’re not always meant for the person receiving it, but rather, everyone around who witnessed it. No matter how scared you are, God is right there and all you have to do is let Him in. 

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