Running Away From God

Distraction. We’ve all had it. It’s thrown in our face everyday. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are just a few examples of distractions. But I’m not just talking about social media here. I’m talking about the mindless and seemingly innocent things we use everyday to distract ourselves from our loving God. It is in the innocent things that we are blinded. We want to hang out with our friends, or we have a ton of homework, or have to go to sports practice. None of these things are bad! It’s great to remember our responsibilities in life and have fun. God wants us to! God is not selfish! He just wants our hearts. He just wants our thoughts to go out to Him. He is our Father, watching His kids grow up day-by-day. Shouldn’t we check in once in a while and give Him a call to let Him know how our day is going?

I’ve fallen victim to distraction. Unknowingly, I pushed myself away from God. I stopped reading spiritual books, I stopped listening to the local Christian station, and I stopped praying. These were things I did that helped me feel closest to the Father. I became a zombie, limping through life. I still went to Sunday mass but it wasn’t the same! What’s scary is that I didn’t even realize I was changing. I was focused on my job, my friends, and what seemed like everything else but God. My life wasn’t the same without God. I could feel that but it took some loved ones to help me realize that I’d been off the beaten path. I needed God so badly but I was running away from Him when I should have been running to Him!

There’s hope for all of us! We need to read His story, His word. We need to love more in order to see Him. He is with us in all of our struggles. All He asks is for is a seed of faith. If He can do wonders with something as tiny as a mustard seed than He can sure do wonders for all of us! So put on those running shoes and run back to God, or run to Him if you don’t know Him! He Loves us more than we can imagine.

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