Be who you are. Stay true to yourself. Be different.

How many of us have heard this throughout our lives? It sounds like the perfect advice. Simple really. Be who you are. On the other hand, our heads and society tell us fit in, fit in, fit in!! No matter the cost. Sometimes we tend to sacrifice little pieces of who we are in order to please others. We try to fit an unattainable image. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing this to ourselves. Going into college I had some of these struggles. New environment, new people, “where do I fit here?” was my thought process. One day it hit me like a ton of bricks. Who am I? Am I even myself? Or have I been going through the motions? All of these thoughts shook me to the core. Honestly, it was a little scary to think about. I had to seriously reevaluate a lot of things in my life. The phrase let go and let God sums up my solution to the crises I was feeling. God helped me realize I don’t have fit in to the mold I created for myself. I could accept who I am and be okay with that. God made us all unique for a reason. We can use our differences to glorify Him. Through prayer, mass, and adoration The Lord opened my eyes. If you are struggling with being true to who you are and feel the pressures of everyday life, do not worry. God can handle our anxieties. He can be the calm in your hearts; the whisper in your ear that everything is going to be alright; the hug that we all desperately need. Keep praying! You may not get the answers you want right away but be patient. God will never abandon us. He is our true friend.

So I say again, be who you are in Christ. Stay true to His teachings and be different through your actions of love.

Peace be with you all,


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  1. Joseph Avatar

    Eloquently said!