A Simple Seed


Seeking God in everyday life can be very challenging. It was challenging for me for a very long time.

I sometimes get caught up in society, not life. Society is the way that humans interact with each other. Society may often disguise itself as life but it isn’t truly life. Life is God’s ultimate creation. It’s in the book of Genesis (see Genesis 1:21-27), it was the highlight of God’s creation – we were the cherry on top. I didn’t notice God in everyday life until I stopped to take a look around. Then I noticed the most beautiful things ever!

Take a second to look around. Do you notice that tree that you walk by every single day? That tree started out as a little seed. Then from that seed came a little weed. After time went on that little weed became a tree. At every stage of that tree’s life it had struggles but with God’s help and love it grew. It’s a miracle that it is alive. The only reason why we don’t recognize it is because we walk by that same tree every single day. We get accustomed to seeing that tree. Sometimes we get accustomed to the little miracles that God has given us, which blind us from His Glory. Way too often we beg for a miracle from God, “a divine intervention,” when the miracle is right in front of us – God’s creation. We can learn a lot about our lives by just contemplating on the life cycle of a seed. If we were to spend just a little bit of time thinking about God’s creation we may be able to apply it to our own lives. It might be the answer to our prayers.

It’s not just in a seed where we can find God’s glory – it’s all over! It’s even within us. We are God’s ultimate work! He took the dust from the ground and molded a figure. That figure was then breathed into by God, giving us life itself! We are God’s masterpieces! The human body is amazing: we can heal ourselves, we can reproduce, and we have spiritual souls. So I challenge you to take a second and look around and whatever catches your eye, meditate upon it. Try to see if you can connect it to your life. Finally, thank God for that creation, for it is He who provides.

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