Author: Vanessa Benitez

  • A Letter to My Freshly Single Brothers and Sisters

    A Letter to My Freshly Single Brothers and Sisters

    My dearest siblings, It’s hard. Whether you just got broken up with, or you did the breaking, I know that it is. I am currently sharing this struggle with you, and I want to tell you something so important. Everyone has probably been telling you the usual, “it will get better” speech, and they are not […]

  • The Roofed Wrangler

    The Roofed Wrangler

    Hello friends! It’s been a while since my first blog post, but I am here to tell you about the best experience of my life! The week of September 17-24th I decided to visit Washington D.C. My boyfriend, Erik, is doing an internship up there and I wanted to visit and tour a city I’ve […]

  • Jesus Had Worth

    Jesus Had Worth

    Hello all! I have important news for you!! I am very passionate about everyone knowing their own self worth, and that you know that YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU COULD IMAGINE! God doesn’t make mistakes, and He knew that when He made you. I know that it makes me upset when I hear […]