Author: Nicole Wynn

  • Catholic Mission Trips

    Catholic Mission Trips

    This summer God had crazy plans for me. I have never been to summer camp, so I thought now the only option was for me to be a camp counselor! So I started looking into different options. The beginning part is kind of blurry, I was researching all sorts of different places but I ended […]

  • Ireland, Summer 2014

    Ireland, Summer 2014

    Four best friends going to Ireland. First week, vacation. Next two weeks, working with Franciscan friars at a summer camp for underprivileged kids. God plans awesome things if we are open to letting Him make them for us. My love for Guatemala never diminished, but all of a sudden I couldn’t stop thinking about Ireland. […]

  • Guatemala Summer 2013

    Guatemala Summer 2013

    The day I got home from my first mission trip to Guatemala in December of 2012, I was on the computer looking for a way to go back. I found Adventures in Missions and I would be leaving the day after my high school graduation to go back to the country I had fallen in […]

  • Guatemala December 2012

    Guatemala December 2012

    My parents never knew that the mission trip to Guatemala they paid for as my Confirmation gift would be an experience that would turn my life upside down. But that is exactly what happened. In December 2012 my mother and I left for Guatemala after an embarrassing incident involving a fanny pack and me leaving […]