Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to see what The Mobile Mission is all about. If you haven't read our story - that's a great place to start! My husband, David, and I began this wonderful journey in the summer of 2012, around the same time we were married, and we haven't looked back since! There's no mistaking God's hand in all of this.

I'll apologize upfront for my long-windedness...I just love to write, and God has given me an amazing story to tell! Reading through the content of our site, you'll be able to see what life has been like since 2011. That year was the beginning of a fresh start for me in so many ways (and I'm sure those reasons will eventually surface in future blog posts). The blessings have been pouring in ever since, and they continue still! I won't get into all the mushy details of what being married to a saint is like, but David truly was an answer to a prayer...one that I had never intended on praying. We met through a shared passion of ours: music, which sparked an amazing relationship that coincided with the development of our band at the time (you can read more on that here, if you'd like). It was hard to avoid feelings of there being a bigger picture to all of this. David's family had been volunteering with the same youth group as well and it wasn't long before the family began talking about dreams and plans of owning and operating a retreat center in North Georgia. The genuine desire to serve and the combined qualities, gifts and talents of each family member makes for an ideal future family goal - one that actually seems feasible and likely to come to fruition. For David and I, we want nothing more than this for our lives and we're all in when it comes to doing what is needed to make this a reality. While this is an ongoing process, we are aware that it is not something that will happen overnight - so The Mobile Mission seemed to be the appropriate next step! With mine and David's shared love of music, youth ministry and retreats, we knew we could start doing something now that would one day be able to coexist with our long-term retreat center goal. I firmly believe that when our plans line up with what God wants for us He will open any doors and will provide whatever it is we need...and when David's parents handed over the keys to their Blue Bird school bus, it was reaffirming of that in a big way!

Since 2011, I've been living and breathing this new life of mine and pouring most of my energy into making our vision for The Mobile Mission a reality. Life before this wasn't always the pretty picture that I'm fortunate enough to enjoy these days. Aside from being tremendously blessed with incredible parents and family, there's not a whole lot else worth mentioning. Simply put, it's easier for me to go on now without looking back. I can say that I am thankful for the journey and for who it has now made me. Since I do exist outside of the Mobile Mission (while hard to believe most days) and my husband, here are the cliff notes...

I was born in Massachusetts, and thanks to my father's career with the Air Force, at 6 months old we moved overseas until I was 7. Up until August of 2014, I had spent the rest of my years in Woodstock, Georgia, except when I lived in Cartersville for 3 years to work for The Department of Family & Children Services upon graduating from Kennesaw State University in 2007. Fast forward to present day and David and I have settled down in Dahlonega, Georgia after a 6 month stay in "Boomtown, USA"...aka Williston, North Dakota. I had taken a promotion with the company I previously worked for, but that came to an end when I accepted an offer (out of the blue) to return to Georgia as the Youth & Campus Minister for St. Luke's Catholic Church and the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega.

It took a long time for me to get here, but I realize how fortunate and blessed I am to have a husband who, not only supports me in this, but is also right by my side through it all so that we can share in every part of it together. I'm also incredibly thankful for, not only David's family, but for my own family as well. My life seems somewhat unbelievable at times - like it's too good to be true. However, I feel as though I'm right where God has led me and that I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.

Thanks for taking the time to read! If that wasn't enough, feel free to check out my personal page, here.

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