Author: Evan Glowzinski

  • The Question Posed, The Answer Given

    The Question Posed, The Answer Given

    Here I am flying home to spend some well-deserved, though I’m sure under-appreciated, time with family and friends. So where does this flight lead? On a human level, it brings me home to celebrate my finishing of the Pre-Theology program and of earning my Master’s of Arts in Philosophy and Religion. It brings me back […]

  • A Parent’s Joy

    A Parent’s Joy

    As most of you are aware, I recently arrived at the Mundelein Seminary in Illinois for the Archdiocese of Atlanta. While the transition has been, at times, the best thing I have ever done – at others, it’s been a time of extreme struggle and strife – as the storm rages in the heart of […]

  • Control – Chisel

    Control – Chisel

    A few months back, my co-teacher and I were planning our weekly PSR (or CCD) class, and the topic was on God’s plan for your life. He shared a video with me and wanted my thoughts on sharing it with the class. The first time I watched it I was only half paying attention but […]

  • Made For Greatness

    Made For Greatness

    What kind of person do you want to be? Some might say successful, others, happy, and yet others might say fulfilled. These are all beautiful answers and all have their individual values but none of them paint the whole picture. We have all been created with dignity and an intrinsic value that God wants more […]

  • 3…2…1…The Jump of a Lifetime

    3…2…1…The Jump of a Lifetime

    Have you ever been called to do something but felt that you were unqualified or unworthy to do so? Maybe you were asked to be the best man, or maid of honor at a wedding, or maybe been asked to lead a team at work in a new direction. There are countless times in our […]

  • Take Up Your Cross Daily

    Take Up Your Cross Daily

    Have you ever been in that place where you are so upset or so mad that you throw your “Christianity” out the window? I have. I am in the military and am currently at a training event. We were sent out to an area that was nothing but ankle-deep mud so we could help resupply […]