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Hey hey hey!

I seriously hope and can’t wait to meet each of you! I’m praying for you daily, and I think you should know that because prayer is really stinkin' powerful and you are really stinkin' loved. So yeah! I was born in ’95, and I sometimes like to eat healthy but I also really like pie and ice cream. I like to be outside, and I love experiencing heaven through adoration. I also really really really love the saints, especially Saint Maximilian Kolbe and Saint Philip Neri. They’re hilarious and incredible. (Small side-note: I love Taylor Swift. In a very tame and moderate way.) I also really like to dance. Mostly it’s a lot of jumping and doing weird things with my feet, but I can be known to break out in some Irish river dancing occasionally. So whatever! I like animals, and art, and history, and my friends, and cats, and surprises, and going other places, and stories, and jokes, and the color purple, and socks, and word games, and sick drum beats, and the sky at sunset, and catchy lyrics, and sprinkles on my ice cream, and really old buildings, and food with the word waffle in it.

And lastly, but not leastly, I need and love to serve. I have been given so much in my life! And I've learned that it doesn't mean I am bad for that, it means that a lot is expected of me. And I’m okay with that! I want you guys to know that you are purpose. I can’t wait to see your purpose, not because it’s somewhere in the future but because it’s every second you breathe and it literally can’t wait.

My purpose right now is to go to college, make a bit of cash flow, and to serve you! You are my passion, because love. That’s it, really :)

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This summer I spent six golden weeks in middle-of-nowhere Dahlonega, GA at LifeTeen’s summer camp Hidden Lake, and it wrecked my life. As has every mass since. At camp we woke up exhausted and went to bed exhausted, and we did everything as a community (including peeing our pants (if you didn’t pee your pants at every dance party was
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First Blog Ever

It’s the best time to wear a striped sweater, sweater. Welcome to my first blog, first blog. Ever 🙂 Hey guys! I was just thinking, while eating my punkin’ pecan ice cream, that holy cow Christmas is in three weeks. THREE WEEKS. I have, like, SO MUCH to do. I have projects to complete and speeches to write and Taylor
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