Author: Desiree

  • Be who you are. Stay true to yourself. Be different.

    Be who you are. Stay true to yourself. Be different.

    How many of us have heard this throughout our lives? It sounds like the perfect advice. Simple really. Be who you are. On the other hand, our heads and society tell us fit in, fit in, fit in!! No matter the cost. Sometimes we tend to sacrifice little pieces of who we are in order […]

  • Running Away From God

    Running Away From God

    Distraction. We’ve all had it. It’s thrown in our face everyday. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are just a few examples of distractions. But I’m not just talking about social media here. I’m talking about the mindless and seemingly innocent things we use everyday to distract ourselves from our loving God. It is in the innocent […]

  • We are all one body…

    Today was a peculiar day. It’s funny how life goes sometimes. When I woke up this morning I didn’t expect to be crying at 11:00am in my American Literature class among my fellow peers. Our assignment was to bring in a song that meant something to us and to discuss it. When I presented my […]